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Conditions of Pre-Enrolment

Please, carefully read the information below to understand the conditions of pre-registration, prices and services of Residencia Universitaria Augusta. By marking the checkbox at the end of the form you accept all this terms and conditions.



1.1. Rates:

From 625 € + VAT

Price per person. Prices do not include VAT 10%

The instalment is paid between 1 and 5 of each month

1.2. Registration:

300 € (This amount covers the cost of managing and processing).

1.3. Deposit (bond):

When you are admitted to the residence you will have to pay the amount of 900 € as deposit (bond). Under no circumstances the student may use a security deposit (bond) to pay the last instalment pending.

1.4 Way of payment:

The matriculation fee. the deposit and the monthly payment will be paid by via bank transfer to account ES21 0081 0058 8500 0157 4864 (Banc Sabadell Paseo Fabra I Puig 56, 08000, Barcelona)

IBAN ES75 0182 8727 5902 0152 2031



The accommodation contract is signed for a mandatory minimum term and 10 months from September 1 until June 30.


3.1. Admission requirements:

Persons who prove their status as students, students in training, participants of training courses or linked to the university world.

3.2. Student admissions:

The acceptation for students will take into account the date on which payment has been made of matriculation fee, and also of the room preferences requested. If the demand for places exceeds the number of available rooms we will create a waiting list in order of application.


  1. Fill in
    the booking form

  2. Pay
    the registration fee

  3. Send us
    proof of payment

4.1. Deadline:

Start: 1 April.

Completion: July 31st. For former residents, the deadline is May 31st.

To formalize the pre-registration is essential to make the payment of matricualtion fee on the period mentioned, otherwise the application will be rejected. Ex residents are exempt of the payment of the matriculation fee.

4.2. Formalization:

To pre-enroll in Residence is absolutely necessary to have an email address as all the paperwork is done online.

For pre-registration is properly formalized should follow the following steps:

1. Duly completed registration form online. You will receive an email the following 24h (working days) at the specified address on the form.

If after pre-registration not received any e-mail is that it has been wrongly entered in the registration form and you'll have to start the process again.

2. Make the transfer of registration for an amount of 400 €. Specify name of the resident on "concept".

3. Attach resident form received, duly completed, and proof of payment to the address reservas@residencia-augusta.com


5.1. Notification of accepted / as and the waiting list:

As of 1 August we will notified by e-mail, admissions and students on the waiting list.

5.2. Receiving the admission letter and the attached documentation:

In the email mentioned in the previous section, the students admitted to the Residence will receive the admission notification at the Residence and the rental contract with the regulations of the residence.

And will be informed, then, how to pay the security deposit (bond) and the first mensuality.

5.3. Allocation of rooms:

The residence held responsible for the allocation of the rooms. However, supervening in case of need, the management reserves the right to change during the stay, the room assigned, provided that the new room is of the same or higher class than initially hired and with no additional charge.


After receiving the acceptance email, the student must submit scanned to reservas@residencia-augusta.com the following documents:

a) A copy of the contract, duly completed and signed on all pages.

b) Bank recipt of payment of bond (900 €).

c) The bank receipt of payment of the first month (September).

d) Photocopy of passport.

On the day of entry into the residence, they must bring the originals of these documents (two copies of the contract) and a photocopy of the Social Security card and / or Insurance.

All residents (new and old) should notify the date of arrival before August 15th via email (reservas@residencia-augusta.com).


7.1. Conditions for reimbursement of the matriculation fee and / or security deposit (bond):

1. If the residence can not allocate the requested place for lack of rooms available, or can not offer before the start of the contract, the type of room requested.

7.2. Conditions of non-reimbursement of matriculation fee and / or security deposit (bond):

1. If you give up voluntarily and at any time of the place requested / awarded by the residence.

2. If you leave the residence before the date of termination of accommodation period.

7.3. Repayment period of enrollment and / or security deposit (bond):

Refunds of tuition for students who have not been accepted and low justified, they began to take effect once the admission process.

After the stay in the Residence, will be the liquidation of the security deposit (bond), by bank transfer during the week after the student's departure.


The Residence will open a waiting list for those students who have submitted their application, and have not been admitted to the initial list. We will contact the waiting list at the time that occur a vacancy, which is why it is necessary to specify clearly in the pre-registration form, all the phones and e-mail address to reach you during the summer months.

In compliance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December, approving the Regulations implementing the current Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, the resident is informed that personal data contained in the registration form on-line will be incorporated into a computer file called "Residents", which shall belong to the company Residencia Universitaria Augusta.(RUA). These personal data will be employed by the company cited as pre-registration online for the relevant academic year and the correct formalization of the reserves, including the commercial promotion of their services, understanding that by completing this document, means consent to carry out such treatment. Also, the resident is informed of the possibility of exercising rights of access, rectification, cancellation and / or opposition in relation to their personal data provided in the following address or e-mail Residencia Universitaria Augusta: reservas@residencia-augusta.com